With the car

If you want to visit the EuroBigGame by car, you should feed your navigations device this adress:

Bertinger Strasse 100, 39517 Mahlwinkel, Germany

Alternatively you can have the route calculated in this link

With the train

In Mahlwinkel there is a train station, ca. 3,5km (app. 2 miles) from the event site away. Here you can check for departure and arrival times.

With the airplane

There are four airports surrounding Mahlwinkel. You can get to Mahlwinkel from these airports either by train or with a car via the Autobahn (recommended).
•Berlin-Tegel (TXL), ca. 90 minutes drive
•Berlin-Schönefeld (SXF), ca. 90 minutes drive
•Hannover (HAJ), ca. 120 minutes drive
•Leipzig-Halle (LEJ), ca. 100 minutes drive