•What is the EuroBigGame?
•The game concept

What is the EuroBigGame?

There are few paintball events that you HAVE to have played at least once in your life.The EuroBigGame is one of those. Held in Mahlwinkel (some 1½ hours away from Berlin), the EuroBigGame offers more than 4 consecutive days of paintball and party!

Don‘t miss this epic event on historical ground in eastern Germany! The EuroBigGame is held on 625.000m2 full of history. There you can find cold -war-era soviet military installations; the current owner is offering rides with soviet tanks as for example the  BMP-1 (panzer-power.de).
During the cold war Mahlwinkel was an important supply- and support-airbase for the „Fulda Gap“.

Luckily the „Fulda Gap“ never became a war zone. But being in Mahlwinkel and feeling what could have been is a neat bonus for playing paintball for more than half a week. Tanks, artillery and the bad-ass attack helicopter Mil Mi-24 (known from Rambo III) were based here.
But more important, „Mahlwinkel“ was the main airport for the soviet airforce to refuel their strategic bombers in order to nuke western cities and supply their troops with everything to keep them marching into the west.

Today, as mentioned, you can book a  ride in a tank or even drive it by yourself. But on this area also one of the largest big games is held, with up to 2.000 players, with a of four days it is also one of the longest and with a 25-year history one of the oldest events world wirde.  Since 1996 Paintball has changed a lot, just like the EuroBigGame. One thing never changed, though: No matter if scenario-, rec- or tournament paintballer or even newbie -
Here they all get together and celebrate paintball as a great, colorful and sometimes a little crazy community!

The game concept

The EuroBigGame‘s game concept is a result of a 25 year experience and takes the different needs of the players into account.The scenario will be played over the course of the entire event. This results in the presentation of a winner team in the end - Red or Blue. This also means that you can decide to join one of the teams in advance (at the ticketshop), to lead your side to victory!

There are several missions played at the event: Capture the flag and –for example- securing buildings and objects for players who don’t care for complex mission structures; tactical challenging and developing missions for players that are part in one of the eight units.

There are also armed scenario vehicles on the field, which give both teams a tactical bonus.

There‘s also four led units in each team. Led means, that each unit is under the command of a team leader. Depending on the type, every unit also posesses different special abilities that aren‘t open to other players. In these units you will receive more difficult and tactical challenging missions. The limited spots in every unit can be secured by contacting the team leaders, of course only with a „bound“ ticket (Red or Blue) and within a unit of „your“ team.

If you want to experience the full action, get your ticket now and enlist in one of the units! The special abilities grant a big game experience you will find nowhere else.

The special abilities grant a BigGame experience you will find nowhere else:

- paratroopers can be deployed at any location on the field

- infantry can call in airstrikes

- vehicle units support their team with scenario vehicles

- special forces receive their abilities depending on the task and operate close to the enemy base

Each team leader is also in direct contact with the game masters and can call in informations about the game progress anytime.

By the way, the traditional near-perfect orga offers a camp ground, showers, restrooms, electric power, security, live music and of course a sensational trade show and cold german beer! The area is so huge that players have to be driven in a shuttle bus to one of the entrances. Believe us,  the EuroBigGame is worth the trip!


When and where is the next EuroBigGame?
The EuroBigGame 2021 takes place from May 13th - 16th 2021 in Mahlwinkel, Saxony-Anhalt in Germany. You can find directions here: CLICK

What if the event has to be postponed because of Corona?
The alternative date for this situation was initially set for 23 - 26 September. Purchased tickets for the May event will then of course remain valid for September.

I've never been to the EuroBigGame. How does this work?

Upon arrival you will receive your ordered tickets, paint vouchers etc. at the registration. After setting up camp or parking your camping trailer or RV you can take your first tour on the trade show. For first time visitors we offer a free tour over the field on an URAL, a russian truck. Please check the booklet for departures.

The game starts between 10 and 11 am each day (check the program in the booklet). Until the game starts you can get air and paint, check your marker in the chrono station and get your team arm band.

The teams start alternating on Entrances A and B. Entrance A is situated right at the camping area and is easily accessible by foot. Entrance B is farther away and can be reached with the shuttle bus, which stops at the trade show to pick up players.

At the entrance you can get informations about the flag points and current missions on a big tactical map. If you decided to join one of the units, you will start with this. In this case, your team leader has all the necessary intel about upcoming missions. In a unit you will alway receive the more challenging and tactical missions, but some special abilities, too.
If you're roaming the field without a unit, you decide for yourself what to do - playing one of the free-for-all missions or capturing flags.

After taking a hit, you don't have to leave the field. A respawn is possible at your entrace or one of the respawn points in the field.

In the evening there's always party, we have entertainment programs on stage and a couple of smaller side events, like a pistol duel or a nightgame. More infos are in the program or the booklet.

There's pro players everywhere - i won't stand a chance!
Don't get fooled by tactical gear - many of our guests are occasional players. We even have visitors who rent their equipment because they don't have a marker. This is because the EuroBigGame has a crucial advantage: YOU decide how much action you want. With battlecry and flying colors stroming the front? Camouflaged in the brush and cutting of the opponents' supply lines? Gunner in the turret of a scenario vehicle? Sniper? Play just as you like it, at the front or rather in the back. The EuroBigGame field is big enough for both - something a regular paintball field can't offer.
And the more experienced players are happy to share their knowledge.

What paintball calibres are used?
The EuroBigGame is played with .68 calibre paintballs. For sidearms (pistols, revolvers) .50 and .43 calibre paintballs are allowed.

Can i use my own paint?
No, the EuroBigGame is a FPO (Field Paint Only) event.

What do i have to pay for camping, showers and restrooms? Do i have to rent a camping spot?
No, of course not.  We have plenty of free space for tents and camping trailers and free RV parking spots, too. Hot water showers and restrooms are free as well. You can -alone or with friends- rent an 80m² Premium Camping spot, though. There you can park and set up everything: Tents, trailers, RVs, cars. We will also reserve a 220V power source for you.
If you want even more comfort, you will find plenty of hotels and guesthouses in the area.

You are using pyrotechnics. Isn't that dangerous?
All our pyro effects are for entertainment and atmospheric purposes. These FX are set up and -off by certified professionals. Areas that contain pyrotechnics are taped off. All effects are set off by hand and on sight, in case a player is getting too close.
So don't worry - the pyro FX are safe!

Can i rent equipment?
Yes, we do have rental markers. You can book one of those when buying tickets.

How many people are working at the EuroBigGame?
For the 2021 event about 105 workers are planned who work on and beside the field to create a perfect event for you.

How can i become part of the staff or the marshalls?
Contact us!

Are minors allowed on the event site?
Yes, minors accompanied by an adult may attend the event. However, it is forbidden to enter the field in general and the trade show between 10 pm and 6 am.

Can i bring my dog?
Unfortunately not. Unattended or badly trained dogs caused some serious situations in the past, which we want to prevent in the future.

Can i use a charcoal grill?
No, due to flying sparks and the high fire hazard in the woods (where we are) the usage of charcoal grills and open fire is prohibited. Gas grills are allowed.
Can i wear camo and use my replica marker?
Yes, of course. The marker has to be compliant with the German law, though.

Why is the EuroBigGame Europe’s largest paintball event?

For one part because of the visitors, of course. Up to 2.000 players from more than 20 nations attend the event over a course of four days. This is not limited to European visitors only, even US-, Canadian, Japanese and South African Citizens visited us already. The portion of female players at the EuroBigGame is bigger than on every other event.

With a size of 625.000m² (ca. 747,494yd²) the field is so huge that shuttle buses have to be used to get players to their entry points. On the field there are vehicles as well to support the teams. No matter if you like to play in an urban environment or dig in in the woods – all this is possible. Multi storey buildings, thick and light forest, above- und subterran bunkers, trenches, mounds, roads and plazas – all this you can find here.

The giant trade show hosts many dealers, caterers and a stage. Gettin the latest paintball equipment, buy a snack or a beer, enjoy a show on the stage, this is what you can do here. Even if your gun is broken, the free tech services will help you right on spot.

But even if all this sounds overwhelming, the EuroBigGame is not for “Pro Players” only. For many first-timers this event is perfect. On one side, the EuroBigGame is the perfect place to meet other paintball players and get in contact, on the other side you can choose your own way to play the game: with a battle cry on the lips, charging the enemy head-on or sneak around the flanks and set up an ambush on the supply routes?

Why should i get the VIP Upgrade?
The VIP Upgrade has several advantages, that further improve the EBG experience. For example you get access to the breakfast and dinner buffet on Friday and Saturday including free soft drinks.
A VIP sanitary facility container offers more spacious showers and restrooms, exclusively for VIP customers. You also receive the early access pass, so you can get on site at 12 noon instead of 4pm on your day of arrival.