Discoverer's ticket

Players card 7,95€
Waste fee 10€

Please choose a players card for your team and a case of paint.
More paintballs and other accessories can be selected below.

Upgrades and accessories


Fieldpaint 2000er
Fieldpaint 2000er
Premiumpaint 2000er
Premiumpaint 2000er


VIP Upgrade Basic
VIP Upgrade Basic
Early Admittance Ticket
Early Admittance Ticket



This ticket entitles you to participate on the EuroBigGame from Saturday, May 23rd - Sunday, May 24th 2020 POSTPONED TO October 17th-18th!. This ticket includes the following services:

  • event fee for two days
  • HPA supply 200/300 bar
  • event booklet
  • tactical map DIN A5
  • free shuttle service on-site
  • free cleaning stations for your equipment
  • car park
  • free camping
  • free electric power. Please note, that the available connections are limited!
  • free restrooms
  • free hot water showers
  • access to the trade show
  • access to several additional events on-site
  • access to free tech services

To order this ticket, you must also buy:

  • player’s card 2020
  • garbage fee (5€ fee and 5€ deposit)
  • one case of field or premium paintballs

Earliest time of arrival: Friday, October 16th, 4pm (12 noon with premium ticket).

The ticket and all belonging products will be stored at the event entrance and can be collected upon arrival.


Data sheet

Player ticket