Dear EuroBigGame friends,

at the moment we receive numerous worried inquiries whether the EuroBigGame will take place because of the Coronavirus. We take these concerns extremely seriously. The health of our participants is always our top priority.

We are following developments closely and have taken note of the press statement of the Chancellor and the recommendation of the Minister of Health.
Up to now, the federal states have been responsible for regulating what measures are taken to contain the spread of the virus. The consensus is to cancel events with more than 1,000 participants, although the duration of the ban on events varies from state to state.

At present, the development of the Coranavirus can only be speculated.
According to the federal states, the situation is being reassessed every day, which is why no binding information can be given by us at this time.

Fact is, that we will contribute everything to make the EuroBigGame take place. We will take the necessary safety precautions to protect the health of our participants.

Should it become apparent that events in the middle of May should still be forbidden, we will consider a postponement of the EuroBigGame. We will inform you in time.