Dear EuroBigGame friends,

due to the corona pandemic, the German government has banned all major events up to and including 31 August. Therefore we have postponed the EuroBigGame to October 15th-18th.

Unfortunately not all of us will have time on the new date, this concerns both crew and visitors. To make sure that booked tickets and upgrades won't expire, we follow the recommendation of the German government and give you the possibility to convert your orders into a credit note, which you can still redeem until 2022!
Below you will find a button that will take you to a PDF form. Just fill in your data and click "SEND". Your email app will then open a new email with us as recipient and the filled out PDF as attachment - send the email and we will create a voucher code for you, which you will receive by email.
If your smartphone does not support the display or filling out of PDFs, just print the form and send us a scan by mail or the filled out form by post.

You can call our hotline at +49 176 427 30 417