Campingsite Area H


ATTENTION! This camp site is a quiet area and also family camping.
This means that from 10pm - 7am the volume from music and conversations is to be reduced to a minumum.
Also, minors are allowed here.

This option allows you to book a campsite (ca. 80m²) on the camp ground for the entire event. The booking cost is independent from the number of people using this lot.

You can park vehicles and tents on it. Each lot also has it's own power supply (220V). That means you can park RV's, trailers and the like and your team mates can set up tents, pavillons etc. right next to it. Alternatively you can park some cars as well!

• at least 80m² dedicated camping area
• gravel / grass surface
• allows "camping in the car" and RV parking
• 220V power supply
• combine with other Premium Camping lots for a big camp

Please bring at least 50m power cord, since the power supply is centralized and not located directly at the lots!

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